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    This site is owned and operated by  Coudy.Com Web Design  a division of Dan's Creative Portraiture. The main purpose of this site is to provide the people of the Coudersport Area a valuable tool to search for local information as well as provide a web portal for looking up information on the web. We consider the Coudersport, PA  Area to be everything within a 35 mile radius of Coudersport.  There have been many site designers that tried to make Coudersport pages, but most of these were built by people who don't live in Coudersport and whose motive is probably is to make money from the business and residents from Coudersport. I am a long time resident of Coudersport.  I graduated from Coudersport High School, I have owned and operated a business in town for many years, I am a member of the Coudersport Chamber of Commerce,  and I have a strong desire to see my home town represented on the internet.  We have donated a lot of our time and expertise to a number of local web sites:

  We also developed a number of unique pages to better serve our community.

     If you own a business and would like help sponsor this site and/or would like information about how to get your business on the web  for a very reasonable price. Click Here.  This will be the biggest and the best site on Coudersport !

Daniel B. Kerr  

Site Stats:

As of June 7, 2002

2,859 Files
821 Pages (Does not include database generated pages in the Business, Alumni, and Classified sections)
1,241 Photos and Graphics
8,607 Hyperlinks ( 6,594 Internal links and 2,013 External links)

We think this site will double in size over the next year


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