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Business of the Week

  Potter County Human Services


   Officially designated on July 1, 1987, Potter County Human Services is a coordinated, comprehensive human services system which operates under a single administrative, fiscal and program structure.  We offer a wide spectrum of assistance to residents of the county, ranging from families facing many complex problems, to individuals who require brief interventions, or referral to other appropriate resources.

  Our vision is that Potter County will be a place where families will be safe, well educated, responsible and productive.  Community members will be committed to creating and sustaining an environment where all persons can thrive and contribute.  We share the responsibility for supporting families and communities in the protection and education of our children and in encouraging the development of healthy beliefs, clear standards, and each child's potential.

   The site was built by High School kids at an IT camp. Coudy.Com  is providing technical support and updates for the site.
It can be found at   http://www.pottercountyhumansvcs.org/



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