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  Potter County Community
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   This web site was first created in June 1999 by The Information Technology (IT) Camp that was piloted in Potter County. The IT Camp is a two-week, non-residential program for high school students. During the course of the ten-day curriculum, approximately twenty students learned the fundamentals of information systems technology with a strong focus on Internet and web technologies. The curriculum also included sessions on leadership and communication skills. In addition to their classroom work, students participated in field trips to Penn State University and various businesses or industries within Potter County.
Working collaboratively in teams, students created web sites for county and community organizations. At the end of the camp, these sites were deployed by the local organizations for which they were developed.

   Coudy.Com  is providing technical support and updates for the site.
It can be found at   http://www.pottercountypa.net/



Congratulations on your success and for being our Fifteenth Business of the Week.


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