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To Place an Free Classified Ad...If it is the first time, You must first go to "Sign Up"  and   select a password between 6 to 8 letters long.  Then proceed to the "Members Area" and click on "add/modify profile" to place your ad.  You may change your ad as often as you like. Please remove or update it after the item is sold.  Be sure to write down the e-mail and password you used so you don't forget them.  It will be easier to update and place future ads.  Your e-mail address is hidden from view from the internet, so it is quite safe to leave your e-mail, you will not end up on someone's e-mail list. Buyers can e-mail you through a form on the web site which will stop any potential virus attachment that may sneak in on regular e-mail.  We reserve the right to delete any tasteless or miss-leading ads from the classifieds and to ban anyone that is abusing the system from leaving ads.  At this time you may only post one ad per e-mail address.   You can of course sell multiple items in one ad or place multiple ads if you have more than one e-mail address.  There are many advantages of this program over the newspaper, radio, and most other classified ads on the internet.

  • 1. You may update the ad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week instantly.
    2. Your  information is posted by you.  This  reduces  chance of error.
    3. Your e-mail address is hidden from the web.
    4.  People will e-mail you using the form provided eliminating the chances of receiving a virus from someone.
    5.  You don't  have to be a member to view or respond to an ad.
    6.  Best of all it is free...

  • Sorry the free classified section is closed because of security problems with the server. We will try to redo the whole section at a later date.

We just provide the free listing service. We are not responsible for any miss-leading information someone may post.   If there is someone abusing the system you may report the problem to and we can take action which may include
banning the abuser from leaving ads.

Coudersport, PA


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