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       This is a really great deal ! For only $5 dollars a month, we will post your coupons at our famous site and will have several other popular local sites linked to it.  Your customers can print out the coupons with their printers and bring them into your store for redemption.   Compare the amount of money it would cost you to print the coupons out and mail them or what it would cost to run a coupon add in a newspaper.  The coupon could pay for itself with just one sale.  It is up on the Web 24 hours a day seven days a week.   The Coudersport, PA web site will get a lot of traffic because of all the features to draw the surfer back.  Coudersport Alumni, Free Classifieds, Business Directories, Virtual Postcards, Community Calendar, our famous Virtual Tour of Coudersport, and many others,  plus a couple of really neat things to come.  This is a good offer that is too good to pass up !  If you want to run 3 or more coupons at the same time the cost will be only $3 per coupon.  Stop in and place your ad today.   It will be money well spent !!

   The coupons will appear on these sites:     (New Site)    (over 28,100 visitors)   (15,500 visitors)

  Coudy.Com @ Dan's Creative Portraiture
  754 North Main Street
Coudersport, PA. 16915

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