Find It2

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Entertain your visitors for hours with your pictures. Fast, easy and challenging gameplay. A level editor is available to make your own FindIt game! FindIt2 is an excellent way to keep your visitors coming back! This Java Applet features :


The Unregistered version uses a splashscreen ad message (every 2 levels), unregistered notes and a link to RealApplets. There is also a 10 level limit.
Register FindIt2 for 30 USD online at and all these limitations will be removed! You will then be able to replace all ads and images with your company name, or just remove them all at once.

For more information please visit Http://, or mail me at Your message will be answered within 24 hours.

Installing FindIt

To install this applet on your website :

Legal Note

The Unregistered version is free to use on any website. You are also allowed to change the level pictures with the level editor. However, it is illegal to change the following pictures:
This is only allowed when you register.
You are allowed to redistribute this applet, but all files including this one must be included.

Additional FindIt files

There is a free Level Editor available at RealApplets. Make your own pictures, put them in the editor directory and start the Editor.html file. You will then be asked to name the pictures and to drag boxes around the hotspots you created. When finished you will see the data you need to place in the data.txt file. Cut an paste it and you have created your own version!
To download the editor go to the Findit Files at RealApplets.

Furthermore, there will be New Picture Packs (10 pics) available. Our webmaster is now working day and night to create them for you :). Check it out. These packages are accompagnied by a data.txt so just upload it and your done.

That's it, Have fun with your game!

Bavo Bruylandt