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Internet Options for your Business

     We have worked very hard to find the best solutions to helping local area businesses make the most of their internet exposure. I am very pleased at what we have come up with.  I have witness a lot of sites on Coudersport come and go and have learn from the mistakes of others.  Whether you currently have a web site or not, we can help draw people to your business.  Being a Coudersport merchant myself for a number of years, I have seen first hand how the internet can draw in business from out of the area.  The web is the future and it should not be ignored by local business people.  This site is design  be the best possible choice for area merchants.

1.  Coupons:  This is a very exciting program for only a few dollars, you can have coupons or gift certificates that will generate a lot of business for you.  Your customers to be  can print out the coupons and bring them into your store. To see an example of some coupons Click Here.  To find out more about this exciting program Click Here.

2.  Become a sponsor for the Coudersport Pa Web Site.  You will get your name in front of a lot of people. The famous Coudersport Virtual Tour is drawing in a lot of viewers. Besides this new site the tour is on: 


( Over 28,800 visitors )
(Over 16,000 visitors)
(Over 15,500 visitors)
(Over 6,000 visitors)
As well as a lot of personal home pages and businesses sites

  Your name will be listed in approximately 400 places on the Coudersport Virtual Tour, CoudersportPa, and web sites.  A very huge number of have already been or will be on the There are a number of drawing features to this site.

Free Classifieds: Designed to be almost run by itself with security features and e-mail protection
Community Calendar:   Which is design in such a way as to let organizations enter their own data, this will eliminate error and should provide up to date information.  Automatically puts the current week's data on the front page.
Coudersport Alumni: This also is designed with e-mail protection and to have updated information by the graduates themselves. 
Virtual Coudersport Post Cards:  Send Post cards over the internet with photos of Coudersport on them.
Local Information and Web Portal:  There is and will be a lot of local information as well as where to go to find information.

   The cost to become a  Sponsor is only $20 a year. For this you will get a free informational web page which will be link to the Coudersport Virtual Tour you can update it yourself, as often as you like for free. You can put in information about your products, hours of business, e-mail, website address, etc.  You do not need to know anything about html or other web programming to update this page. You will also be prominently displayed on the CoudersportPA.Com site and Coudy.Com sites, on over 350 pages.  The web site sponsors and the business who chosen to have us do their web site for them will be listed sooner than other businesses in the The Business of the Week section.  This will be a very good investment, whether you current have a web site or not.  The $20 basicly covers our cost for the  time it takes to put your business name and/or link on over 400 pages.

To become a sponsor on line click here select
an option below and press Add to Cart


3.  Have us host your web site.   We have several hosting packages to fit your needs. 

$4.17   Monthly fee (based on Yearly fee divided by 12) To have not just one page as other web designers charge but your whole multi-page site hosted on either or . Your site address would be something like this business

$8.33   Monthly fee (based on Yearly fee divided by 12)  This is a really good deal that includes a lot of extras like 25 e-mail accounts, FrontPage compatible if you want to work on the site yourself, cgi-bin, Pearl and SSI programming, you can have your own domain name, 25 megs of space, web base E-mail as well as Pop and Alias accounts. Your address would be .  There is an extra charge for the domain name ranging from $10 to $35 a year depending on who you get it from. We will help you with that.

$12.50  Monthly fee (based on Yearly fee divided by 12) This is for those of you who need a secure server for taking in credit card information or other sensitive data.   We can add a shopping cart to your web site for a reasonable fee. You will get 50 e-mail accounts and a lot of extras.

4. Have us design a web site for you.  We are very reasonable, we charge a flat $15.00 an hour to design a website. You will save a lot of money over web designers who charge per page or graphic. For samples of our work go to

Be sure  to take advantage of the free listings in the business directory on this site. I am also webmaster for the   site  be sure your business is listed correctly there.  If you are a member of the Coudersport Chamber of Commerce be sure to go to and check on you listing there. I am also webmaster of that site.  On that site you can get a single page website for $25 a year if you qualified.

    We are looking forward to helping you with getting your business on the web or promoting it once it is there. We also have about 200 E-mails with the   We will give them out to city officials and prominent business men and women.


Daniel B. Kerr       


Coudersport, PA


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